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Amazing Health Benefits of Pecans for Birds

If you are a bird lover, chances are you already have one as a pet at home. Unlike other pets, birds are fun to have, especially because they do not need much maintenance. Training them is also easy, aside from the fact that it is easier to manage and collect their droppings. Unlike other big pets, they aren’t always a menace and hefty to bring them up. Keeping birds is amazing, thanks to the fact that feeding them is easy and affordable. For example, feeding them with pecans is one of the best way to give your birds a treat.

Pecans are nuts that are mostly sourced from trees found in Georgia. Initially, the Native Americans used to feed on pecans, explaining why the trees were widely planted in this particular area. Not only are these nuts amazing sources of nutrients for the humans, but also awesome for the birds. Most wild birds feed on pecans, and studies have shown that pecans are specifically beneficial and imperative for the growth of small birds. Some wild birds feed directly from the trees, while some wait for the nuts to drop and feed on them.

Most domestic birds have also shown impeccable interest in pecans, feeding on them immediately after they are presented to them through bird feeders. However, you might also need to shelve the pecans and crush them to make it easier for your birds to take them. Crushing the pecans also makes it easier for the birds to digest once ingested. Some of the birds that widely appreciate pecans include bluejays and cardinals. Also, if you are breeding woodpeckers, you might need to feed them with these awesome nuts for them to continue growing healthier and stronger. Pecans are a good alternative for the normal food materials for birds found in the market.

Undoubtedly, pecans are a nutritious part of birds’ diet. They have an extremely high amounts of fat and proteins. They should be given to the birds to facilitate their healing process, thanks to the high amount of proteins available. The high amounts of fat present are specifically beneficial to the birds especially during winter and fall. It gives the birds the ability to build their fat reserves and maintain high levels of energy during these seasons. As a result, you are able to save on money that you would otherwise spend on bird food.

Pecans are also awesome sources of both macro and micro nutrients. Some of these nutrients include manganese, magnesium, and iron, all of which are meant to give the birds strong bones. If your bird is suffering from the deficiency of any of these nutrients, you might need to source the nutrients from pecans. However, bird owners should ensure that their birds are fed with pecans in moderation. This is particularly because they might be affected by the high amounts of fat and nutrients present. Pecans should not be provided to the birds as the main food, but rather as a treat.

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